Working at Swim Meets - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - With Answers!
  1. Why does GO Kingfish run swim meets?

    1. If GO did not run swim meets, we would need to send our swimmers to even more swim meets hosted by other clubs and many of those meets would be out of town. This would be very costly for parents to cover hotel rooms, food, and travel costs.
    2. The GO swim meets help to raise money for the club which is used to keep your fees low.
    3. If GO did not run swim meets, the annual cost to you as parents would be an extra $1,000 (factoring in costs for more out-of-town swim meets plus the lost revenue from the meets themselves)

  2. Why do GO parents need to volunteer at the GO swim meets?

    1. Running a high quality meet that attracts other swim clubs is very labour intensive. The operation of a two-day, four-session swim meet requires 180+ volunteers.

  3. How many swim meets do I need to work at?

    1. Every competitive family must work at least one session at EACH of the four core GO swim meets.
    2. Competitive families with a swimmer in Youth, Senior Blue, Senior Kingfish, and GO Perform must ALSO work at one extra swim meet - either the Pentathlon or one of the two evening Gee Gees swim meets.

  4. How do I sign up to work at a meet?

    1. Use the online grids provided on this website.

  5. Who has to do the actual work?

    1. Anybody! It can be a family member (including your child if they are 14 years or older), a friend or even another GO parent from another family if they agree to work for you.
    2. If you do get another family to work for you, please ensure you are still listed as the volunteer on the volunteer grid!
    3. You can also ask a high school student who needs volunteer hours to work for you. GO will provide sign-off for the time spent at the meet as volunteer hours for a high-school student.

  6. What if I do not work at one of the meets?

    1. Each missed work session will result in a fee of $75 being applied to your account.

  7. I cannot make it to one of the meets. What are my options?

    1. See #5 and #6 above.
    2. organize a Volunter Exchange with another familiy, see Volunteer Exchange.

  8. I have a medical condition or I will be out of town or there is some other important reason why I cannot work at the meet.

    1. See #5 and #6 above.
    2. organize a Volunter Exchange with another familiy, see Volunteer Exchange.

  9. My swimmer will not be attending the meet. Do I still have to work at the meet?

    1. Yes. There are no exceptions. If you do not work, see #5 and #6 above.

  10. I am not qualified to work at the swim meet. What do I do?

    1. There are multiple positions which require no training or special officiating skills. These include working at the canteen (selling food) or in hospitality (preparing and serving food). Additionally, the timer position does not require special training.

  11. Do I need to take a course to be a timer?

    1. The timer position does not require special training.
    2. There is a course which you need to take to achieve your official "Level 1" swim officiating certification, but that is not a requirement to work as a timer at a swim meet.
    3. Parents who have never timed before will usually be paired up with other parents who have timed before.

  12. I forgot to sign my name on the officials sign-in sheet at the meet so I got billed the non-participation fee. What are my options?

    1. Please contact officials@gokingfish.ca. If we can verify that you actually worked, the fee will be reversed.
    2. Please do not forget to sign your name on the sign-in sheet when you arrive at the meet!

  13. Why would I want to work on deck as a swim official?

    1. Being on-deck during a swim meet is the best seat in the house! You are closer to the action and get to meet other parents.
    2. GO is always in need of motivated people to work at the senior positions. There is regular turn-over of senior officials as swimmers graduate each year. We need parents to get involved and get trained. If we do not have sufficient numbers of trained officials in senior positions, we will not be able to run our swim meets!

  14. How do I get trained to work one of the senior positions on deck?

    1. GO hosts various training sessions throughout the year. Additionally, you can often shadow some positions as a trainee to learn the ropes.
    2. Please contact officials@gokingfish.ca for more info.