The Competitive groups focus on advanced skill development and introduce athletes to the training principles of competitive swimming.

The competitive swim program consists of the following swim groups:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Youth
  • Senior Blue
  • Senior Kingfish
  • GO Perform
  • University Summer

Competitive Group Registration Info

¤ 2019-2020 Competitive Registration Guide (follow these instructions to Register online)
¤ 2019-2020 Registration Handbook
¤ 2019-2020 Swim Canada Letter to Registrant
¤ 2019-2020 Swim Ontario PIPEDA Form
¤ GO Kingfish Code of Conduct and Ethics (hardcopy must be signed and returned to GO for each swimmer!)
¤ GO Kingfish Disciplinary Code and Procedures
¤ Swim Ontario Concussion Guidelines - Rowan's Law

Before registering, please contact the coaching staff to confirm which group you should be registering your swimmer in.

Placement Info

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