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Mailing Address
   323 Coventry Road, L29
   Ottawa, Ontario
   K1K 3X6
Office Location
   University of Ottawa
   Montpetit Hall (MNT) (click for map)
   Telephone: (613) 562-5800 x2290
   E-mail: info@gokingfish.ca
Montpetit Hall, University of Ottawa
General Info Requests
   Fill out this form if you have any general questions about the GO swim programs.

Coach Contact Information

Club Executive

  President Karen Hogan
  Vice President Tammy Moffatt
  Treasurer April Clement
  Secretary Scott McAnsh
  Past-President Kevin Jones

Directors at Large
  Kelly Lett  
  Jason Taker  
  Frank Nasr  
  Joanne Weiss Reid  

Committee Chairs
  Fundraising/Sponsorship Available
  Governance Available
  Marketing William van Stratten
  Meet Officials Andrew Burr
  Meet Management Susan McLennan/Jason Taker
  Social Joanne Weiss Reid/Scott McAnsh

  Equipment Manager Frank Nasr
  Swimathon Available
  Swim Meet Canteen Tammy Moffat
  Swim Meet Hospitality Kelly Lett
  PC Gift Card Coordinator April Clement
  Web Site Andrew Burr

PC Gift Card Distribution
  Senior Kingfish Karin Page
  Senior Blue Hua Lei
  Senior Orange Maryse Hatchard
  Youth Kelly Lett
  Gold uOttawa Kirsten Patrick
  BMRC Laura Tingley
  Canterbury Allison McIlwaine
  Sawmill Creek Denise Beauchesne

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